domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly comission - colored.

Man with no name comission. Added some watercolors and white corrector.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly comission.

Pencils, inks and gray markers...

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

Weekly World News trade cover

For the Trade cover of weekly world news, i wanted to do an homage for one of the comics that influenced me as a reader, and i thought of Kevin Maguire's Justice League first issue cover. First of all, i putted the WWN gang in place using some rough pencils...

Then, i used some tracers to do the inks. At this point, i finish a lot of details and fix some pencil's problems.

I wanted to give a personal touch to it, so i applied some gray markers after inks.

I gave it some color-over the gray marked image, using PhotoShop.