viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Weekly World News #3 cover...

Bat-Boy go home!

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Weekly World News #2 cover.

Pencil, inks and colors by yours truly. Design by the IDW guys... :)

More WWN pages...

sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Weekly World News #1 pages...

This is the from project i'm working on right now: Weekly World News. I'm having a great time doing it. Hope you like the pages...


jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

Current project: Weekly World News.

Finally, the news are official. I'm currenlty working on a four issues miniseries of the Weekly World News characters, for IDW. On the script, is the great Chris Ryall. We'll be telling some stories with the most bizarre and fun characters of the WWN gang, such as Bat-boy, Manigator, Ed Anger, Lemmie, Phd Ape and a long list. Got some pages done, and has been already a blast working on them. I'll be uploading some as soon as i can.

Here's the cover for #1.

martes, 14 de julio de 2009

San Diego Comic Con

This year, i'll be attending SDCC for the first time. I'll be most of the time on Exhibitor's Table C04, labeled "Friends of Ed" (across from aisle 500), with my pal Chris Kirby (Lost Squad). I'll be signing books, selling some original art and doing some sketches, so if you want to drop by and say hi, feel free to do it!.




Este año por primera vez asistiré a la Comic Con de San Diego. estaré la mayoría del tiempo en la mesa de los expositores C04, (llamada "Friends of Ed" ) a través del pasillo 500, con mi amigo Chris Kirby (Lost Squad). Estaré firmando libros, vendiendo algunos originales y haciendo sketches, así es que si quieren pasar a saludar, los espero!.



martes, 2 de junio de 2009


(Click to zoom)

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

New sequentials pages...

(click to zoom)

This new pages were written by my good friend Chris Kirby. From a new horror project of his creation...

jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

Superman/Flash race comission.

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Comission recently done. Watercolors and markers...

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Olympus pinup inks...

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Pinup done for "Olympus" Image comic. More info about the comic here:

martes, 24 de marzo de 2009


Welcome to my new website. Were you will find samples of my latest works, as well as sketches and some news. If you surf through the "sequentials" section, you will find some page samples of my work in titles like the "Terminator: Salvation prequel" or the "Star Wars" comics, among others. Feel free to leave your comment, and go to the "contact" section in case you want to drop me a mail.

Hope you like what you see here, and have a good time!.